Mazi Complete 

is everything growing FE&S dealers need,

now and in

the future

Full-Function Comprehensive ERP

Modern Scalable Omni-Commerce

... and a Lot More


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Complicated FE&S Business?

Large Projects?

Smallwares and Supplies?

Equipment Rentals?

Recurring Contracts?

No Worry - Mazi is built to handle all FS&E products and services

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Supply Challenges?

Mazi Now Offers:

Automated PO Creation and Management

Vendor Commitment Tracking

Real-Time On-Hand, Arriving Orders, and Commitments

Flexible Reallocation

Comprehensive Price/Cost Management

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Work Remote?

Field Sales?

Hybrid Staff Locations?

Need 24/7 Access to Management Information?

Mazi enables full functionality anywhere on any device with a modern browser and an internet connection

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Staffing Issues?

Mazi Includes:

Automated processes to eliminate re-entry and improve productivity

Consistent workflows across functions make it easy to get started or cross-train

Flexible rights management so staff roles can grow over time

Responsive support and ongoing training


"Implementing Mazi's automated reorder function to manage the inventory levels and flow of product between our warehouses has been a game changer, especially in the current environment of limited supply." 
Ian Laird, COO



 Mazi Complete is an all-inclusive solution buffet for FE&S dealers

Mazi Complete helps  you sell any way your customer wants to buy:

    Automated Import from Quote

   Telephone or Field Sales Quote and Order Confirmation


    Self-Serve Digital Reordering with Curated Product Lists and Tailored Pricing

    Beyond Connected - Integrated Full Feature eCommerce

Automated PO Generation without re-entry

Combine/separate purchases to achieve vendor thresholds for incentives or meet urgent customer needs

Manage orders for stock, for projects, and for special items

Flexible reorder processes and rules

Track and communicate vendor commitments

Confirm/update one-time and updated price/cost changes

Streamlined PO receipts

Serialized product tracking

Vendor-specific backorder creation

Automated put away/staging handling

Delivery scheduling/staging and management

Consolidate view of inventory across showroom and warehouse, or between locations

Track inventory/commitment reallocations

Maintain perpetual inventory counts/validations

Real-time transaction processing and reporting

Flexible user-defined and managed "views" of financial performance

Sophisticated AR, AP, and Cash management  

Paperless Warehouse, including bar-code receipts and ship/fulfill

Credit Card Integration

Electronic History/Audit Trail

Integrations with Outside Solutions


"We recently selected Mazi because their platform provided us with a complete and sustainable solution for years to come.  When evaluating Mazi against other industry alternatives, we found them to be very price competitive, including on-site integration and training expense.  More importantly, Mazi delivered on their commitment with special attention to our specific business requirements and support which continues today." 

Steve Ulmschneider, General Manager